Reduce Corporate Expenses by Turning your Intranet Inside Out and Sending it to the Cloud

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Seriously, get out of the Intranet business and upload your corporate #apps and #data to the #cloud to better serve your #mobile users.

The advent of local area networks (LANs) and computers acting as server nodes led to the concept of the corporate network. It began with file shares and print servers that everyone on the network could access from their PC. Over time, these servers became adept at running their own applications which took us to the client/server era. When the web exploded in the mid-1990s, these computers hosted web servers and a private version of the Internet was born called the Intranet. Since then, most companies have built out hundreds of internal web sites and portals to serve the needs of their employees. As employees became more mobile, secure remote access technologies were created to allow them to get inside. It’s time to turn things inside out.

Today, your trusted corporate network secured by perimeter devices such as firewalls is no more secure than the cloud. In the cloud, corporate data and applications can be accessed from anywhere on any device based on an employee’s identity. Multifactor authentication against cloud directories layered with secured connections and devices grants employees fine-grained access to different enterprise resources. Along the way it eliminates conventional virtual private network connections into the corporate network. Cloud storage, RAM, and CPU can drive enterprise workloads that would be cost prohibitive and slow to provision on-premises. Purchasing, provisioning, maintaining and securing an Intranet is a thing of the past.

Reduce risk and cut expenses by moving Intranet assets to a secure cloud you no longer have to manage yourself. How much progress has your organization made in migrating to the cloud?

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